The Law Of Inverse Transformation By Joseph Murphy

The Law Of Inverse Transformation
By Joseph Murphy

To put it another way, if a physical fact can produce a psychological state, then IN REVERSE, a psychological state can produce a physical fact.

If you knew exactly how you would feel if you were to realize your dream or objective, and could replicate that feeling mentally, physically, and psychologically (controlling your state of mind), then the “Law of Reversibility” would automatically cause your objective to be realized.

Your job then, is to assume and sustain the exact feeling associated with your dream or goal being fulfilled, until such time that your dream objectifies itself. And in order to sustain that feeling, you must live, move, and BE in that state of belief…

The belief that you already ARE or HAVE that which you desire.

Instead of just making a wish and concentrating on your desired outcome, I want you to assume the feeling of your dream fulfilled, and then continue to practice experiencing that feeling until that which you FEEL becomes your reality.

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