Look into the Bright Future…

If you have been guilty of allowing your sales-sheets, your bank
account, or the x-rays the doctor takes of your body, control the way
you feel, think, or view your sales, financial position or health, I can
assure you that – just as certain as it’s going to get dark tonight – there
will not be only marked improvement in your life in any of these areas.
On the other hand, however, if you will let the present physical
results serve only as an indication of the images which you have been
holding in the past, and then you proceed – by virtue of your own higher
mental faculties – to look into the bright future and to build an image of
the good that you desire, you will see your image materialize. But again,
as long as you continue to let your present or past results control your
thinking-process, you will never live to see your dreams come true.
Therefore, took up, look ahead and form the image of the life you
choose to live; then everything you touch or come in contact with will
grow and expand and express itself, in a greater and greater way.

Bob Proctor


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